Monday, June 19, 2017 at 10:00 AM
Fr. (Frederick) John Baptist will be at all Masses in Salisbury on June 24 & 25 for our annual appeal for the missions. The second collection will go to Fr. Baptist's home diocese of Nyeri, Kenya.





Rev. Scott A. Euvrard

978-465-3334 ext 107                                                                                          

Parochial Vicar

Rev. Ixon Chateau

978-465-3334 ext 105                                                                                         


Ray Doucette


Paul Specht

Weekend Associates

Rev. Leonard Copeland


Business Manager

Christine McCarthy

978-465-3334 ext 103                                                                                     

Administrative Assistant

Sue Greaney

978-465-3334 ext 104                                                                                   

Religious Education Coordinator, Grades 1-8

Maureen Mulcahy


Confirmation Coordinator

Kathy Larsen

978-465-3334 ext 101

Receptionist and Bulletin Editor

Helen Theriault

978-465-3334 ext 109                                                                           


Pastoral Musicians

Peg Doyle (Adult Choir Director (Holy Family Parish), Schedule Coordinator (collaborative))

Paula Fortuna (Contemporary Group Leader (Star of the Sea Parish), Cantor (collaborative) 

Claudia Keyian (Saturday Afternoon/Wedding/Funeral Organist (Star of the Sea Parish), Cantor (collaborative))

Joyce Rice (Saturday Afternoon/Funeral Organist, Holy Family Parish)

Jack Rogers (Sunday Morning/Wedding Organist, Holy Family Parish)

Marie Shattuck (11:00 a.m. Mass Organist, Star of the Sea Parish)


Larry Learned

Brian Smith

Household (Rectory)

Paula Klein


We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form.

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